Error Fix:[solved]The action can’t be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program.

 The action can’t be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program solutions
Folder in Use:

This error mainly occurs when some programs currently uses the files inside the folder or if you forgot to close any program on it. This happens when some programs establish a link between the files and conserve the link even after it finished using them. Errors like this mainly happen after you newly installed a program. 

     So the only way to delete these files are using force. Here i will share some of the simple methods through which you can get rid of those files.

First method:  First thing to do is check whether any program is opened in the taskbar. If yes, close that program and you will be able to delete the folder. If it doesn't work proceed to the next method.
How to fix Folder in use error
Second method: Secondly, if you know that to which program the files belong to, close the program using Task Manager. Some programs may run in the background linked to the files. To open Task manager:

>right click on the task bar and click on task manager

>under the process tab there will be a list of programs currently running in the system. Select your program and click on End task. Now with the program closed. Now you will be able to delete the program.

If you have no idea about the program that hold your files proceed to the next.

Third Method:If the error still persists, try rebooting the system. Rebooting solves most of the problems caused by programs. After rebooting, try to delete the folder.

Fourth method: This problem also occurs when there is a virus or malware program involved with the files. So a simple rebooting may not help you. Try Rebooting your system in  Safe Mod.

How to fix Folder in use error
Fifth method: If you are tired of all above methods. You can seek help from a third party software to get the job done. Process Explorer is a little tool that helps you  to easily identify which program is using your file. This software helps you to close the programs without damaging it.

You can get Process Explorer from Here>>

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