Error Fix: [solved] This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor..

Error Fix This installation package could not be opened

This is one of the common errors that you get while you are trying to install a program or an application. Here is how to fix it.  

First method: In most cases this error occurs while you try to install the software of package from USB or from an external storage device. Try to run the application from the system directory (local disk C) itself or whatever drives that your operating system is installed in. Move the exe file or the whole application folder to the desktop and try to run it. If the error still persist move to method 2.

Second method: Open command prompt and run the command sfc /SCANNOW to check for and repair any system files or registry issues.

Third Method: Check whether the program is blocked. Right click on the .msi file and select properties. There will be unblock button near the bottom of the dialog box. Click this and try running the application again.

Fourth method: Make sure that the folders that contain the files have the appropriate permissions. Right click on the folder and Check the security settings tab to make sure that the users and SYSTEM has full access.

Fifth method: Check your anti-virus/firewall software is not blocking the install. Try running the install disabling your antivirus software’s.

Sixth method: Trying re-installing Windows 7 sp1 to perform a system repair. Also try updating your windows system, this may fix all the possible errors.
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