How to Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Backup.

How to Increase Your Laptop’s Battery for Longer Power Backup.                  Hey guys, in the last post we discussed on how to create a Jarvis desktop. Today I am going to share some tips on how to increase the battery life of your laptop computer.


                   So if you are using a laptop you probably notice your battery backup. If you don’t get enough battery backup and your battery dies all of the sudden. Then there’s no good to call your laptop a laptop. Laptop batteries are indented to last longer with long backup power. But some people get a very short battery backup.  Today I am going share some tips on how to calibrate Your Laptop’s Battery for longer lifetime.
 It doesn’t matter if you treat your laptop’s battery the proper way, its power capacity will reduce over time. Also the built-in power meter estimates sometimes give you incorrect estimates. So keep a note on it.

Why Calibrating your Battery:

       Batteries are some critical part of any mobile devices and your laptops.
If you’re taking good care of your laptop’s battery -like allowing it to discharge before plugging it back in, not allowing your laptop’s battery down completely or extremely low, you can receive a good backup. But it’s an interesting fact that no matter how well you take care of the battery, its life will still decrease because of the unavoidable factors like daily usage, age of the battery, and heat produced by the system. Sometimes the battery’s power meter won’t know how much backup is left, if the battery isn’t allowed to run from 100% down to 0%.
How to Increase Your Laptop’s Battery for Longer Power Backup.       Calibrating your battery can occasionally can buy you good battery backup — means letting the battery decrease from 100% power capacity straight down to almost 0%, then charging it back to full again. Thus you can get see how long the battery lasts and get more accurate detail of how much power backup is left.
     Most of the laptop manufacturers include tools or utilities that will allow us to calibrate the battery life. These tools will make sure that your laptop has a full battery backup, disable power management systems, and also allow the battery to run to 0% so that the system can get a clear idea of how long the battery lasts. You may want to check your laptop manufacturer’s official website for information regarding the utilities they provide.

Manually Calibrate your Laptop Battery

             Well if you don’t trust the idea of using any included utilities or to follow the instructions specific to your laptop, you can perform battery calibration yourself. Calibrating you laptops battery is so simple:

>Charge your laptop’s battery to 100% full
                      Let the battery rest for minimum two hours, leaving the computer power plugged in. This will ensure that the battery not hot from the charging process. You can use your computer while it’s plugged in.

              Go into your computer’s power management settings and set it to automatically sleep or hibernate at 5% battery. Now Pull the power plug and leave your computer discharging until it automatically hibernates at 5%. You can keep using your computer while this happens.

            Allow your computer to sit for five hours or so that it automatically shuts down. Plug your computer back into the power outlet and charge it until it reaches 100%.

How to Increase Battery Backup:
How to Increase Your Laptop’s Battery for Longer Power Backup. 
#Reduce Screen Brightness
         The biggest drain of battery on any portable electronic device — whether it’s a laptop, Smartphone, or tablet — is its display. Reducing the screen’s brightness is the best and simple way to get more time with your laptop’s battery.

#Have Your Display Automatically Turn Off
How to Increase Your Laptop’s Battery for Longer Power Backup.              If you don’t use laptop for a couple of minutes, its screen will still be on, causing it to drain power. You can adjust the display power settings to have the laptop dim or turn off the display when you’re not using your laptop. To adjust the display settings go to the Control Panel and click the power options. Set your settings like the display to dim and when to turn off the display after a short period of time.

#Reduce Startup Programs, Use Lighter Software’s

To save power, make your computer do less in general:

>Try not to use a screensaver. They’re unnecessary things that drain your battery and will do nothing useful to you laptop.

>Try to decrease the number of programs running in the background. Check your system tray for programs you don’t need and uninstall or disable them to prevent those programs from starting up with your laptop.

>Reduce CPU usage. If you use heavy programs on your laptop your CPU will use more power to work on and of course your battery will drain faster. Try selecting lightweight programs that are easy on system resources so that you can get some more time with your laptop.

>Avoid making heavy load to your RAM. If you are installing some applications or copying big files on your laptop, your RAM will be taking heavy load which will in turn drain your battery. If your laptop’s RAM is full, try to make more space for RAM — close the applications running in the background. The less your computer has to do, the more power it can save.

#Disable Bluetooth and Other Hardware Devices
           Disable the Bluetooth radio on you laptop if you are not using it. All of these hardware’s use the battery power simply for being enabled. You can disable Bluetooth by right clicking the Bluetooth icon on the tab. Disabling Wi-Fi can also help if you aren’t using it.

#Tweak Your Power Plan
How to Increase Your Laptop’s Battery for Longer Power Backup.
          Windows offers power plans that allow you to quickly change your laptop’s power plan to different modes.  You can have your computer in balanced mode as well as in the Power saver mode. Each power plan’s settings can also be modified individually. You can find power plans by going to the Control Panel’s Power Options window.

#Hibernate Instead of Sleep
         When your laptop goes to sleep mode, it uses a small amount of power for processing of the RAM and keep its system state loaded in memory, allowing your laptop to wake up and resume in just a few moments. But if you set your laptop in hibernate, it saves as much power as having the computer powered off.

       That’s all on how to Increase you battery backup. If you have some doubts on this article please let me know. Please share if you like this article....


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