How to Create an IronMan Virtual Assistant - JARVIS on your PC.

How to Create Iron Man Virtual Assistant - JARVIS on your PC.
                     Ever dreamed of an Ironman Jarvis like assistant on your computer to help you with system updates and other information. In this article i am going to show you how to create a Jarvis like desktop with certain software and desktop themes.


>Virtual assistant software
>Windows Speech Recognition
>Mic to capture commands
>Jarvis skin for Rainmeter

How to Create Iron Man Virtual Assistant - JARVIS on your PC.

Follow these steps to create a Jarvis Virtual Assistant for your PC:

           Step 1: Download a Virtual Assistant to simulate Jarvis environment, try to download ‘Syn Virtual Assistant’ (recommended) or any other virtual Assistant software.

           Step 2: After you have installed the Application run the application in Administrator mode. Now go to control Panel> Graphics and Speech > and Select Dave as Avatar for your virtusl assistant. Make sure that you have a male voice voice  for your avatar before selecting Dave. Now your Jarvis Environment is almost complete.

How to Create Iron Man Virtual Assistant - JARVIS on your PC.
             Step 3: Now download and Install the Rainmeter application on you computer. This is to bring the Jarvis theme and system settings to your desktop.

             Step 4: After you have installed Rainmeter you can notice that its only equipped with basic themes. You must download Jarvis skin for Rainmeter ( OR After installing the theme unload all existing skins and load the IronMan Jarvis Skin.

            Step 5: Also download a nice wallpaper for your Desktop to keep a good look. Give voice commands to your Jarvis Assistant and test its functionalities. If you dont like this skin you can create your skin.

How to Create Iron Man Virtual Assistant - JARVIS on your PC.

                     If you are not comfortable with Syn virtual assistant you can use windows speech recognition and train it to accept your custom commands. Impress your friends with your new Jarvis desktop. share if you like this article and give your feedback.

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