The New Epson Smart Glasses with gesture control - Review

Epson Smart Glasses with gesture control

                           Hey guys! In this post i'm gonna introduce you all to a whole new gadget"The Epson Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses".We all are familiar with glasses. Unlike  ordinary smart glasses Epson has created smart glasses which enables a user to see their cellphone screen on the surface of the glasses, providing us with better quality images and graphical interfaces. Other than the display features of the  glasses, the gesture control sums up to the beauty, easiness of accessing data and of course the marketing profit.

                       Epson announced its Moverio BT-200 smart glasses at CES 2014.  This month the company upped its profits by pairing its smart glasses with a wearable Thalmic Labs Myo armband that allows the users to gesture control the applications in an advanced way.

Epson Smart Glasses with gesture control      Smart glasses app developer Sean McCracken and who is also the CEO of Imaginary Computer recently announced some apps that take the advantage of the marriage of an augmented reality heads-up display and improved gesture control at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. In contrast, users who use both wearable's can make a fist to grab a data stream projected in their field of vision and move it with their arms to relocate it on a virtual desktop environment.

          Both the Moverio glasses and Myo arm band can be used simultaneouslyto provide a second screen experience over a real-life field of vision that allows users to keep tabs on social networks like Facebook or Twitter while watching TV or even a live event like a football match. It's a "3D gyro-based desktop system" that works through a combination of your arm movements registered by the Myo armband and also by turning your head while wearing the Moverio glasses. 
Epson Smart Glasses with gesture control

    These are the features of the Epson Moverio BT-200 which includes:

·>Scope AR – It's an reality training app that enables step-by-step assembly of a toy helicopter and a 3D game that lets you use the helicopter to put out virtual fires.

·>Metaio, Inc. – Multiple demonstrations running on their platform, including an augmented reality-based app to maintain and repair an air conditioner

.>Wikitude – Using augmented reality to visualize the solar system and receive basic information for each planet

·>APX Labs – Using their Skylight™ platform, a complete and integrated software solution for enterprise smart glasses that creates a new AR interface floating over your field of view
·>Wipro – Augmented reality-based retail planogram execution and compliance validation for visual merchandising from this global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company

  The Epson Smart Glasses is set to release this year. Pre orders are available online.


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